Best & Worst Kids Toys Of The 80s & 90s

The Slinky

SlinkyWhat?: The Slinky was a helical spring that could stretch and bounce up and down as well as perform a number of different stunts although the only one anyone I know could ever do was make it walk down the stairs. It also wasn't that good at stretching despite what it aid on the ads. More often than not the classic metal Slinky was damaged by kids who tried too hard to test its 'springiness'. Over the years it has appeared in the form of a Slinky Dog (as seen in Disney Pixar's Toy Story series) and a Slinky Worm named Suzie. Who?: The Slinky first appeared back in 1945 but reached its pinnacle in the 1980's. It was created by Naval engineer Richard James who obviously spent his time in the US Forces very wisely. Originally sold at $1 per unit the Slinky has sold over 300 million worldwide and was inducted into the Toy Hall of Fame in 2000. Amusement Factor: The Slinky was great but once it had walked down the stairs in your house a few times it quickly became pretty boring. The only way to make it more exciting was to find somewhere else to use it but large staircases in public places weren't that easy to come by for those of us who seldom left the block we grew up on without adult supervision. Awesome Rating: Everyone loves a Slinky ... for half an hour
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