Curiously Cinnamon have today launched a new video campaign aimed at attracting new fans to the cereal.

The hilarious, and very much tongue-in-cheek campaign pits teams of unwitting Curiously Cinnamon lovers against each other, to see who can eat the most pieces of the cereal.


Sounds fairly simple right? Wrong, as this is no ordinary eating contest.

Gamesmaster and football punditry legend Chris Kamara splits the pairs into two, with one partner tasked with making as much noise as possible, to resonate a bowl of Curiously Cinnamon held in a loudspeaker into the suspended face of their counterpart, to force the tasty food into their waiting mouths. The winning pair is the one who manages to gobble the most pieces.

Check this out…

And as an introduction to the Curiously Cinnamon Boombox Breakfast series, watch the below clip:

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