Discover The Secrets To One Of Earth's Most Magical Getaways

Slow down and connect more with Be Okinawa

Consisting of 100s of little island off Japan's southern most coast, Okinawa is a sub tropical paradise that seems to hold the elixir of life. Awash with beautiful countryside, stunning scenery, and some of the healthiest people on the planet - it boasts the highest levels of centenarians anywhere - it might not be somewhere that's familiar with everyone, but it's a place that we can all learn something from.

Alongside it's white sand beaches and lush green vegetation the natives live spiritual and culturally enriched lives based around good food and an active lifestyle. Represents a somewhat relaxed and stripped back lifestyle that is in stark contrast to much of the rest of the world, they cherish the idea of community and time spent with loved ones, and extol the virtues of connecting more with the environment around us and taking the time to savour our surroundings.

Casting a light on the virtues and the approach to life seen in this quiet corner of the world, Be.Okinawa have recently produced a series of short videos which show the benefits of rediscovering the skills to interact physically with people and the world.

One of these videos - seen above- follows Tracy on her voyage of soulful enlightenment.

Tracy is an entrepreneur from Singapore who relies heavily on her phone and technology to run her business, and to stay connected in the modern world. While on her trip to Okinawa she speaks to locals who try to teach her new ways of connecting that enrich her life, and also improve her general health and wellbeing. This includes learning to cook with home grown and locally sourced ingredients, listening to some of the area's 'elderly' population to discover their views on growing old, and taking the time to get lost and see new things.

You can catch the full series over at Be.Okinawa's YouTube page. If you'd like to know more about the place and what it has to offer you can also check out the main website here.


'Life, by Okinawa' exists to show the world what this place has to offer. Their story comes from knowing that compared to other cultures and destinations, this place is special.