End of the 13th Baktun: 10 Apocalyptic Articles To Read When The World Doesn’t End

So, the dreaded hour has come and gone in many places around the world and yet we’re still here. While…

Simon Gallagher

Executive Editor


So, the dreaded hour has come and gone in many places around the world and yet we’re still here.

While the clock hasn’t yet hit 11am in the UK, chances are we’re not going to be tossed into a firey pit of flamey doom just yet, despite what The Maya predicted. Almost 2,000 years ago the ancient civilization invented an incredibly accurate calendar, which measured time in 394-year periods known as baktuns, the 13th of which some anthropologists believe ends today.

As a result, the past few weeks have been flooded with media “hysteria” as the world’s population have prepared themselves for the first, though it seems that few actually believed that the world would end today, with spiritualists and shaman around the world joining together to celebrate the dawning of a new age, rather than the bloody end of the current one.

It hasn’t all been pessimistic, as Mexico has seen a boost in tourism, as thousands of tourists and spiritualists are expected to head there to celebrate today’s once-in-5,125-years event.

And to celebrate the lack of the apocalypse, we’ve got ten essential WhatCulture articles for you to read. So sit back, flick on R.E.M’s “End Of The World As We Know It,” and enjoy our essential guide to the apocalypse. And as an added bonus to the entertainment factor, you’ll find handy tips for survival in case the very worst happens and we all end up staring into the grim face of oblivion…


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