Exploring The History (And Future) Of Alien Franchise At Disney

1. The Future

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The future is uncertain for our beloved pal, the Xenomorph.

Disney could very well be planning a reboot of sorts, as Neil Blomkamp just released even more concept art from his thought-to-be-cancelled Alien 5. They could also be planning to simply let it lie dormant for a few years. In the buyout, they will inherit countless franchises, and it is insane to think they'll be rebooting or sequelizing all of them, no matter how badly the world needs Cocoon 3.

Maybe we'll even get Scott's continued vision of the franchise in a few years. The now eighty-year-old director seems more than game to keep on chugging, but only time will tell if Disney is interested in having anything to do with the loopy storytelling of his prequels.

I think we can all agree, more flute playing in the next one, Disney, please.

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