Horrors Of Blumhouse Announced For Universal's Halloween Horror Nights 2018

Can you escape the First Purge?

As Halloween at Universal draws ever closer, another maze has been announced for this year's Halloween Horror Nights. Coming to both Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Orlando Resort, The Horrors of Blumhouse has returned for its second instalment.

Just like last year's Blumhouse maze, these will be anthology houses and will feature different movies from the their horror catalogue. Universal's Orlando event will bring to life Happy Death Day and The First Purge, whilst Hollywood will feature Truth of Dare and Unfriended.

In Orlando's maze, survival is the key. With Happy Death Day you'll follow a student as she tries to find out who her killer is as she relives her murder over and over again. The question is can will you find out in time before the Babyfaced Killer catches you too?

The other halve of the house will feature The First Purge. Can you make it through the night or will the Purgers find you before morning comes?

Blumhouse Halloween Horror Nights Univesal

Over on the West Coast, Hollywood's event is filled with supernatural horrors of Truth of Dare and Unfriended. The death count is going to be high in this maze as a deadly game of Truth of Dare forces students down a dangerous path. The cyberpace world of Unfriended forces a group of friends to reveal their own dark truths as they try to work out who or what wants them dead.

Both Hollywood and Orlando still have one final maze left to be revealed for this year's events. With both coasts party starting on 14th September, it's not going to be long before we finally find out the full line up for Halloween Horror Nights 2018.

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