James Bond: 10 Biggest Fashion Disasters

Never wear denim again.

When one thinks of James Bond, the suave super spy with a licence to kill, the image is normally of the perfectly turned out gentleman in a fitted tuxedo, or a Tom Ford bespoke suit. Even when in action, Bond can usually be depended upon to look stylish in sharply creased fatigues or fashionably black combat gear. However, throughout Agent 007€™s 52 years on screen his standards have sometimes slipped, in a surprisingly alarming fashion on occasion. For every Brioni suit and silk shirt there's also been a dubious blouson or a sports coat with checks you could play noughts and crosses on. Not all of these fashion disasters are Bond's fault - tastes change and what might have been cutting edge in the seventies, such as a fondness for beige, appear awful to modern eyes. Just remember, however, that audiences in 2050 might make the same of Daniel Craig's figure hugging suits in Skyfall. "No feathers, not a hint of purple - you call this style?" So, some of the following crimes against fashion are as much the fault of the times as of the wearer, and sometimes Bond has had to wear some fairly outrageous items in the call of duty. Bond can hardly be blamed for dressing in a kilt, specs and a funny hat when impersonating Sir Hilary Bray to get near to Blofeld or his quick thinking to disguise himself as a clown to defuse a bomb in Octopussy. However, sometimes his choices are simply unforgiveable. This article will reveal the top ten moments when James Bond came close to being the worst dressed man alive.


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