Light Up Your Life: New Lexus NX Inspires "Project Illuminated"

Lexus have launched a digital art exhibition called NX-Perspectives.

Lexus It's the small but important details that give form to luxury, and the new Lexus NX has taken a quantum leap forward with its first sharply styled entry into the premium mid-size SUV segment. Perfect for dynamic drivers leading active lifestyles: the NX's edgy, emotional design offers three engines (including a highly efficient 2.5-litre Atkinson cycle petrol engine) and three transmissions; with the choice of front and all-wheel drive. To coincide with this new chapter of leading edge design and intelligent innovation; Lexus have launched a digital art exhibition called NX-Perspectives - drawing on the most innovative artists in fashion, design and music to create a revolutionary piece of performance art. All of this, of course, is inspired by the bold design of the new Lexus NX. For NX-Illuminated, the versatile Lunice and creative collective LuckyMe are combining on a project to use the sharp, distinctive lighting of the Lexus NX as the potent backbone for his new music video, "Can€™t Wait To". The dream team are creating a surreal illuminated universe where futuristic op-art (inspired by the angles of the car) strike against billowing fabric, and powerful beams of light mirror the sharp lines of NX headlights... all while Lunice throws out his energetic dance moves in a new-age mix of art and technology. Visit NX-Perspectives for more information.

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