New Year’s Day 2013: 10 Biggest Idiots of 2012

Well done one and all, against all the odds (and Mayan prophecies) we’ve made it to 2013- finally able to…

Simon Humphries



Well done one and all, against all the odds (and Mayan prophecies) we’ve made it to 2013- finally able to put 2012 to rest and gasp in awe at some fireworks. But before we get too far ahead of ourselves it’s time to take one more look at the year we leave behind, focusing specifically on those that plumbed new depths of idiocy in the public eye.

It’s certainly been an eventful year with some inspiring positive events happening throughout- starting with the Queen’s Jubilee and culminating with the end of the Summer of Sport. With the prevalence of such ‘heroes’ everywhere you look, the contrast between these and the less inspirational ones has never been clearer. Thankfully the media has provided us with endless fools this year, from the new fashion for faux-reality shows like TOWIE and the Valleys (all of which have been banned from this list for fear of it becoming an article on the who’s who of ITV2 and MTV ‘stars’), to the usual entertainment stalwarts of I’m a Celebrity and the X-Factor. In a world where ratings/sales are getting increasingly competitive (particularly now every home has digital tv), producers have been pushing the boat out further than ever. It’s a shame that this inevitably means there’re more idiots around, but it’s definitely good for a cheap giggle.

2012 will always be remembered as the year social networking got serious. The world is slowly catching up with technology and this year has seen triple the number of Social Media prosecutions than in 2008. Apart from libelous posts (which I’ll neatly skirt around during this countdown), other unfortunate things have been said by high profile people on an almost daily basis. Special awards for Twitter idiocy (Twidiocy for short) go to Lewis Hamilton for posting confidential information online, and Sally Bercow for her unique political insights.

The Twidiots, however, aren’t quite idiotic enough to make the main list by that act alone (although some on the list are guilty of extreme Twidiocy). This domain is reserved for only the most idiotic of the species over the past 12 months- people who the sheer mention of their name will have you reaching for your Pugil stick yearning for gladiatorial combat just to knock some sense into them (or, preferably, life out of them).

Before we start, to narrow the list down to 10 there are some certain rules I’ve kept to. For purposes of variety there won’t be any repeat choices from the same show/ area of entertainment. I’ve taken people from as wide a range of areas as possibly, although anyone involved in Faux-reality formats will be excluded (otherwise it’s way too easy and dull). I’ve also cheated on two of them (complaints about this welcome by postcard to the usual address) with one being a large group of people rather than an individual, and another for doing an absolutely idiotic thing but being incredible in the process. Oh, and there’s a rabbit.

As usual, once you’ve read the list please make sure you let us know what you think. Have I got it totally wrong? Who would make it onto your list?? As with most things this is all purely subjective per person….. BUT if you disagree with the biggest idiot of all at number1, I hear they’re doing auditions for the Valleys in the new year, I suggest you join them!!!

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