Too Safe For Hollywood: Why Volkswagen Aren't Built For The Movies

If you're looking for a car to perform explosive action movie stunts, well, you best look elsewhere. Volkswagen UK is launching an 'anti-action' campaign to prove why the car brand should stick to supporting movies; not starring in them. This wonderfully unconventional concept was created by adam&eveDDB to promote the brand's long-standing support of cinemas throughout the UK. "Made for real life, not the movies" is the motto in the new series of films: Volkswagen cars are brilliant for day-to-day living, but they wouldn't be so great in action movies, due to the risk-free safety technology they are equipped with. The films - named "Bus, Chase and (Non) Explosion" portray classic action movie storylines which, instead of starring a typical action vehicle, put Volkswagen cars in the spotlight. No unexpected flames, no off-road barrel rolls and no risky malfunctions; turning high-action movies into anti-action films in no time at all. Volkswagen continue to keep their wheels firmly on the road, with their campaign launching online and showing in various independent cinemas around the country.

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