See The Newcastle City Wall Sex Picture Taken From WhatCulture's Office

newcastlecitywalls It's not every day you step up from your desk to be greeted by the sight of a pale rear-end bobbing up and down in the centre of Newcastle. But that was precisely what the staff at WhatCulture's city centre HQ were graced with on Thursday afternoon, as one amorous couple scaled great heights for some alfresco shenanigans. Clearly oblivious to the fact they could be seen from our vantage point, the cavorting pair seemed to be having a whale of a time on the ancient city wall. Clearly conscious of his surroundings, the couple in question literally looked in every direction without noticing the giant office block directly behind him. The picture, which appeared (without permission) in numerous Sunday tabloids yesterday was taken by Simon Gallagher and has since been retweeted over a thousand times. newcastle-city-wall-sex Built over 600 years ago, the tower on the city wall is more often frequented by groups of rowdy youngsters. We await to see if it now becomes something of a rendezvous point for lusty locals as well. Click "Next" below to see our rundown of the top 10 most controversial sex scenes EVER.

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