SPONSORED VIDEO: What Makes You A Legend? Heineken Celebrate The Everyday Man

Men of the world; unite. No matter who you are, what you do or where you're from - you are a legend. Every man has a talent, his own epic craft; and regardless of how big or how small it may be, he must find it. This is where Heineken step in. They've come up trumps, once again, with their genius new ad campaign - 'The Odyssey'. Sending out a great message with a delightful, feel-good ad spot, the brand give real men a stage on which they can perform their skills. Sweet vibes, man. The advert is a fun-filled whirlwind following one man's adventures from shipwrecked survivor to luxury cruise ship passenger: blowing everyone's minds with limbo contests, bird calling, and diving into swimming pools to utmost perfection. Women gaze in awe, as do the men; which is no surprise with the amount of bad ass beards involved. The question on everyone's lips, though: it just one man? What makes the campaign even cooler is the fact that none of the people in this video are professional actors; just average dudes with buckets of talent. Not everyone believes this though, with some YouTube users doubting the authenticity of the advert; urging Heineken's PR team to release a genius video in response to conspiracists. In it is a bird caller from South Africa, a charming pair of identical twins, a skilled lady thrower and our particular favourite, the man who just 'slides'. Watch the awesome comeback for yourself: This post has been sponsored by Heineken but all thoughts are our own.
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