Stephen King's “It”: 10 Things The Remake Must Get Right

It's time to revisit our Maine man Pennywise...

It Clown

2017 is set to see a brand new adaptation of Stephen King's incredibly famous novel It. Right now it's being referred to by fans as something of a remake, given the fact there was a lengthy television adaptation made in 1990.

Though opinions on the 1990 version differ wildly (some think it's truly creepy while others find it ridiculous), there's no denying it developed something of a cult following, and is regarded as one of the better Stephen King adaptations out there. A lot of that has to do with Tim Curry's iconic performance, which has somewhat transcended the limits of the material.

More than anything, it's that performance which hangs over the new adaptation, but there is a lot more than that to the appeal of the original to its fans. 1990's It did a ton of things well, and the stuff it got wrong was at least interesting. If the 2017 remake is to stand out, then, there are a bunch of things it absolutely must get right...

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