Stop Everything And Watch These 10 Hilarious Arnold Schwarzenegger Videos

Prepare to see Arnold Schwarzenegger like you've never seen him before. The former California governor is making the most of his personal YouTube account, using his spare time between filming to record the most epic belly-laugh inducing parodies of himself. We've compiled a list of his best homemade clips, which include famous one-liners re-done in a caravan, the five-time Mr Universe riding a fluffy toy horse and having pre-lit cigars flown into movie sets by remote control helicopters. Arnie is definitely getting cooler with age, and unlike most 66-year-olds, totally winning at the Internet. Mr S, we salute you.

10. This Is Golds Gym, NOT A Baby Gym!

The Hollywood legend became 'Howard Klein' recently for an undercover prank, giving helpful but hilarious fitness tips to the members of Golds Gym. Imagine getting home in a post-workout daze as clarity dawns upon you - HOLY Schwarzenegger - that was Arnie at the water cooler. But then, of course that wouldn't happen, given the fact that it was possibly the worst disguise ever. The bodybuilder is using his videos to promote one of the many charities he strongly supports - 'After-School All Stars' - and is even running a competition at to win a day with him riding about in his tank. And how can you honestly look at yourself in the mirror and claim your life is full without having had a tank date with Schwarzenegger?

9. If It Bleeds...

So here it is - the longly-anticipated Predator 4.... Just kidding, this is actually a comically edited clip of Arnie reliving his classic Dutch line following requests from Reddit, quite possibly with a bit of soy sauce on a leaf. You really couldn't make this stuff up.

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