Thorpe Park To Open World's First Walking Dead Rollercoaster

Get ready to be terrified.

Thorpe Park Walking Dead Rollercoaster
Thorpe Park

The Walking Dead has been scaring TV viewers for years now, but it's going to terrify a whole new audience when the world's first Walking Dead-themed rollercoaster opens at Thorpe Park in the UK later this year.

The new ride, called The Walking Dead: The Ride, will invite daring theme park guests to flee from walkers in a thrilling bid for survival. According to Thorpe Park the ride will be "completely immersive." It'll offer up a multi-sensory and multi-part experience, complete with major special effects work and a replica of the watchtower seen during Season 3. Speaking to The Independent, the park's 'chief scaremonger' John Burton said:

"Guests will believe the walking dead are all around them - like they are in their own episode of the show. It’s 15 out of ten on the scare scale. I watched every episode of the series from start to finish and back to front twice to ensure we got everything exactly right.
‘’It is going to be right up there with the best in the world in terms of the whole experience. We are combining physical and digital effects because it is going to be dark, so we are going to make the most of that. The darkness acted as a canvas for us. We have incorporated the latest in special effects, lighting, smells and even touch elements to create a terrifyingly unique atmosphere. The experience does not stop when you get off the ride. The whole experience from the point when you join the queue is going to be immense.''

The ride is part of Thorpe Park's Year of the Walking Dead, which will bring a number of themed events, including a new fright night for Halloween. The new coaster is expected to open this Easter.

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