Top Five Zombie Walks from Around the World

If you’re new to the zombie theme, perhaps as a result of The Walking Dead or due to some World…


If you’re new to the zombie theme, perhaps as a result of The Walking Dead or due to some World War Z advertising, you may not yet be aware of the huge cultural following the undead have. Zombie fever has spread as fast as the infection itself; so much so, people just can’t seem to stop talking about their love of animated, rotting flesh.

If you’re looking for fellow braaaain-lovers to enjoy a little zombie-play, you might be interested in joining in with a zombie walk. Many of these are spontaneous, but there are a few annual events across the world you can join in with, alongside a thousand or so others.

Get your fake blood and white contact lenses ready, practice your shuffle and get ready for the 10 best zombie walks from around the world, brought to you by the flesh-lovin’ guys over at Fancy Dress Ball

Trash Film Orgy, Sacramento

Established in 2001 as ‘The Zombie Parade’, Zombie Walk Sacramento occurs during the infamous Trash Film Orgy, in which movies fans gather to watch midnight screenings of the best trash films on the market.

This zombie walk is purported to be the first ever large-scale event of its type, and saw over 1000 participants in 2012. Such is the scale of this event that make-up stands line the streets should late-comers wish to join in.

ZomBcon ‘Red, White and Dead’ Walk, Seattle

ZomBcon is the world’s largest zombie convention, gathering together the stars of TVs greatest zombie shows and films, the best zombie writers of the moment and the world’s biggest zombie fans. With names such as Max Brooks, George A. Romero and Norman Reedus appearing, this event has given Seattle the title of ‘Zombie Capital of the World’.

The walk takes place every July, and has broken several Guinness World Records in the process. Such is the massive growth and expansion of the event that organisers are now investing 300% more money into the walk, making it one of the largest and most exciting walks of its type.

Toronto Zombie Walk and Parade

Starting in 2003, the Toronto Zombie Walk began with only a handful of people shuffling through the streets a week before Halloween. The walk gathered a huge amount of attention over a short period of time and is now one of the most famous walks in the world.

2013 sees the 10th anniversary of the event, which will expand into a huge parade with live musicians and artists, vendors and a raffle, with money and awareness being raised for the official charity of the event, The Heart and Stroke Foundation.

2.8 Hours Later, UK

Following the massive, world-record breaking success of the Nottingham zombie walk in 2008, organisers have developed a nationwide event called 2.8 Hours Later, taking place every year in 6 different cities in the UK.

Participants must run through their city centre hoping to avoid the zombies who are aiming to infect without pity. The 2.8 hour run is followed by a huge party in the so-called ‘Asylum’, where the infected are ‘zombiefied’ for a night of fleshy fun.

Zombie Shopping Mall, Reading

Taking place on regular weekends throughout the summer, Zombie Shopping Mall is the ultimate immersive experience for zombie fans. Set up in an abandoned shopping mall, ticket holders get the chance to ‘shoot down’ zombie hordes with state of the art special effects and a whole tonne of other fun stuff.dav

Players are trained by the Police Special Zombie Bashing Unit so everyone can join in with the take down. With various hordes of zombies released throughout the day and some of the best zombie effects on the market, you can become fully immersed in this experience!