Universal Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights: Every Scare Zone Reviewed

Vamp 85: New Year’s Eve

Vamp 85 Halloween Horror HHN Universal Orlando
Universal Orando

Out of all the scare zones, Vamp 85 was the one that I’d been looking forward to experiencing the most.

A sequel to the HHN26 scare zone, Vamp 55, this time the vampires were given the whole of the New York area to play in. With huge set pieces, a deadly DJ and a roving reporter; this was a fun place to hang out in.

Every 20 minutes or so the glitter ball would drop and the party would begin. Vampires would spill out into the street and the would perform on the stage. The team behind the event also made sure that everything was time period sensitive, and every song played in the scare zone was released before 31st December 1984. Thankfully Thriller was released in 1982 so made it onto the playlist.

I really liked this area and actually got a couple of frights from the undead revellers who stalked around. It was a dark scare zone and from behind it was a little difficult to tell some of the scare actors apart from regular guests

On my second visit to HHN I decided to spend some time in the area and just watch the goings on. It was fun spotting the vamps dressed up as celebrities including Prince and Michael Jackson. The group of vampires put on a great show on the stage and were attracting quite large crowds.

I’d really recommend hanging out in Vamp 85. It was my favourite scare zone of HHN28.


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