VIDEO: Tim Minchin 'Woody Allen Jesus' Song On Jonathan Ross Show

Watch the video of Tim Minchin performing his Woody Allen Jesus song which was cut from the Jonathan Ross Show. A song by comedian Tim Minchin has been cut from this evening broadcast of the Jonathan Ross Show after ITV pulled the plug. The lyrics for the song had already been approved by ITV producers, the compliance team and indeed lawyers. But at the last minute the Director of ITV, Peter Fincham, decided that the song could cause offence and had it edited from the show. Fincham lost his previously role at the BBC after misleading viewers into thinking The Queen had stormed out of a photoshoot in a programme trailer. Clearly this incident is still fresh in his mind. ITV's official line, however, suggests that it was cut for not fitting "editorially" with the rest of the show. Yesterday Tim Minchin posted a blog entry on his official website and was clearly unhappy with the decision. Or, in his own words, "really f**king disappointed". The video has been subsequently uploaded to his YouTube channel and has already been viewed nearly 250,000 times. The Jonathan Ross show, minus the Tim Minchin song, will be broadcast tonight at 9pm on ITV1.

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