Volvo And Avicii Share Their New Beginning


True enlightenment comes from the ability to demonstrate self-reflection and the desire to progress. Without looking back and seeing where we have evolved from, whether individually or collectively, we can't hope to improve on what has come before. Car-maker Volvo and artist Avicii have teamed up to appear on the musician€™s upcoming music video €“ his re-imagining of the hit song €˜Feeling Good€™. This has been recorded in the backdrop of Stockholm and Osterlen, 2 places nestled in the the Swedish homeland of both Avicii and Volvo. Featuring vocals from singer Audra Mae it really is a worthy variation of a song which has been subject to many previous brilliant revisions. The two have been drawn together by a mutual desire to re-invent and re-invigorate themselves; Volvo are setting out to unleash a new era of more responsive, increasingly agile cars, the first of which will be the new XC90 which can be seen in the video. It is what they are calling their €˜New Beginning€™. This ties in with how Avicii has found himself on a path of rejuvenation after a whirlwind year of touring and recording. Including a whopping 325 live performances Now part of the Geely Holding Group, Volvo have been making cars since the 1920€™s and today are recognised as being one of the most highly respected and recognisable brands in the world. They employ There is nothing quite as exciting as A New Beginning.

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