offbeat Wikipedia

20 Problems Only Left Handed People Will Understand

There's a price to pay for being smarter than righties...

25 Mar 2015 Andrew Dilks

tv AMC

The Walking Dead Season 5 Finale: 10 Things That Should Happen

Expect more trauma for Daryl. Obviously.

25 Mar 2015 Michael Potts


24 Things All Book Lovers Will Understand

Books are your friends.

25 Mar 2015 Sara Weir

film Marvel Studios

11 Ways Age Of Ultron Could Still Surprise Everyone

Could there be hints of Planet Hulk and Spidey already?

25 Mar 2015 K.J. Stewart

comics Marvel Comics

20 Mind-Blowing Facts You Didn't Know About X-Men

Which DC Comics team burnt down the X-Men's mansion?

25 Mar 2015 Josh Wilding


10 Most Embarrassing Presidential Nicknames In History

Why do so many nicknames refer to male genitalia, anyway?

25 Mar 2015 Chris Waugh

film 20th Century Fox

9 Deleted Scenes That Explain Confusing Movie Moments

Filling in the gaps the directors later decided to make ambiguous.

Updated 25 Mar 2015 Alex Leadbeater

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25 Greatest Photobombs Of All Time

Making boring photos fun since 1825!

Updated 25 Mar 2015 Tom Butler

gaming WC

Football Manager 2016: 10 Essential Fan Demands It Must Include

The beautiful game still isn't beautiful enough

25 Mar 2015 Michael Potts

books Warner Bros.

20 Facts Every Harry Potter Super-Nerd Should Know

From Weasleys to wandlore and beyond, put your magical knowledge to the test with these obscure trivia.

Updated 25 Mar 2015 Mavra Choudhry

comics Old Man Logan Hugh Jackman

X-Men: Apocalypse - 10 Big Storylines That Should Come Next

Hugh Jackman can't be allowed to retire Wolverine before making Old Man Logan.

25 Mar 2015 Tom Baker


10 Best WrestleMania Endings Ever

How can WrestleMania 31's ending possibly top last year's?

25 Mar 2015 Jack G King

film DC

10 Failed Alternatives To Upcoming Comic Book Movies

Some missed opportunities are more painful than others.

25 Mar 2015 Baz Greenland

offbeat ABC

10 Things You Never Knew About Karen Gillan

From time traveller to Marvel mercenary.

25 Mar 2015 Dan Butler

history Kathy Willens/AP

20 Mind-Blowing Facts About Bill Clinton

He may prefer briefs to boxers, but Clinton allegedly struggles to keep either on...

25 Mar 2015 Chris Waugh

tv wikipedia

The X-Files Returns To TV For New Series

"The Next Mind-Bending Chapter is Coming!" for Mulder and Scully!

24 Mar 2015 Jay Anderson

film Buena Vista Pictures

8 Big Movie Cliffhangers That Will NEVER Be Resolved

To be continued... never.

24 Mar 2015 Padraig Cotter


12 Problems Only Haruki Murakami Fans Will Understand

Turn up the jazz and pour yourself a whiskey.

24 Mar 2015 Brian Wilson

offbeat Fox

10 Subjects Guaranteed To Start An Argument

Grab your torch and pitchfork...

Updated 24 Mar 2015 Tom Beasley

tv Warner Bros.

10 Roles Doctor Who Actors Wish They'd Turned Down

Everybody makes mistakes.

24 Mar 2015 Dan Butler