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100 Wrestling PPVs You Must See Before You Die

Over 1,000 matches. 10 Promotions. Over 25 Years. 100 Wrestling PPVs. 1 Epic List.

14 Apr 2015 Alexander Podgorski

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18 Mind-Blowing Facts About Facebook

Shiver me timbers - my Facebook's gone all pirate on me.

13 Apr 2015 Chris Waugh

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Daredevil: 10 Reasons It's The Best MCU Entry Yet

Just look past the costume...

13 Apr 2015 Tom Baker

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20 Upcoming Movie Sequels That Need To End Their Franchises

Old habits Die Hard...

13 Apr 2015 Jack Pooley

film Marvel Studios

Ant-Man Trailer Introduces Thomas The Tank Engine To The Marvel Universe

Black sheep of the Marvel Cinematic Universe this ain't.

13 Apr 2015 Brendon Connelly

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10 Problems Only Kayne West Fans Will Understand

Of course it's necessary to purchase a copy of The Book Of Yeezus.

13 Apr 2015 Rachel Bailey


10 Things You Never Thought You'd Obsess Over In Your Mid 20s

You're not boring, you're not old - you just love a good bargain.

13 Apr 2015 Nina Cresswell

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10 Things You Didn't Know About Zach Galifianakis

Check these facts, before you wreck yourself.

13 Apr 2015 Rachel Bailey

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20 Mind-Blowing Facts About Hillary Clinton

Why did Hillary Clinton get fingerprinted by the FBI?

13 Apr 2015 Chris Waugh

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20 Well-Known Movie "Facts" That Are Actually Bulls**t

It's time to stop spreading the lies.

13 Apr 2015 Sam Hill

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What Does The Ending Of Ex Machina Really Mean?

Asimov can't help you now.

Updated 13 Apr 2015 Alex Leadbeater


26 Genuine WTF Moments From Doctor Who

From burping bins to promiscuous paving slabs.

13 Apr 2015 Dan Butler

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10 Aging Actors Who Could Totally Pull Off An Action Comeback

They're not too old for this s**t.

13 Apr 2015 Brogan Morris


Marvel: 11 Ways The MCU Is Definitely Laughing At You

"And then, they made a tree everyone's favourite character!"

12 Apr 2015 Simon Gallagher

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Better Call Saul: 20 Breaking Bad Easter Eggs You Might've Missed

Did you spot the one who knocks?

12 Apr 2015 Andrew Dilks

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Marvel Release Official Image Of Ant-Man Battling Yellowjacket

Say hello to your newest Marvel villain.

12 Apr 2015 Brendon Connelly

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10 Misconceptions You Have About Working In The Games Industry

It's not all debates around how many guns there should be with piles of cash y'know.

Updated 12 Apr 2015 Chris Allcock

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The Simpsons: 15 Most Hilarious Ralph Wiggum Moments

A tribute to Springfield's favourite sweet-natured idiot...

12 Apr 2015 Jack Pooley

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13 Actors You Didn't Know Almost Played The Joker

Famous actors who almost put a smile on your face...

Updated 12 Apr 2015 Jack Pooley

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10 Possible Looks For Marvel's New Spider-Man

Rumour has it that Spider-Man is getting an Iron Man approved upgrade in the MCU.

12 Apr 2015 Josh Wilding