tv Warner Bros.

10 Greatest Batman: The Animated Series Episodes

"I am vengeance. I am the night. I am BATMAN!"

23 Aug 2015 Christian Bone

comics Marvel Comics

10 Comics That Made Us Ashamed To Be Nerds‏

There's more times than we'd care to admit when comics books have tested our faith.

Updated 23 Aug 2015 Tom Baker

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8 Scenes That Would Have Ruined The Original Star Wars Trilogy

We're glad that nobody "Forced" these moments into the saga.

23 Aug 2015 Sam Hill

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10 Best Horror Movie Deleted Scenes

Did these scenes deserve to get the machete treatment?

23 Aug 2015 Jesse Gumbarge

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Ranking The World's 10 Highest-Paid Actresses From Worst To Best

Which beautiful, talented person is topping the list with $52 million a year?

23 Aug 2015 Sam Hill

gaming Rockstar Games

Every Rockstar Games Protagonist Ranked - From Worst To Best

Fifty shades of psychopath.

22 Aug 2015 Jack G King

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13 Best Scenes From 2015's Summer Blockbusters

Because who doesn't love a Thomas the Tank Engine cameo?

22 Aug 2015 Jack Pooley

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Gotham Season 2: 7 Things You Need To Know

Changes are afoot in Bruce Wayne's hometown.

22 Aug 2015 Daniel Kelly

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8 Potential DC Post-Credits Scenes That Would Rule

Can ya smell what Black Adam is cookin'?

Updated 22 Aug 2015 James Hunt

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5 Reasons Why Marvel Will Lose Big On Captain America: Civil War

It stands to be the biggest film of the series... but not the most profitable.

22 Aug 2015 George J. Rutherford

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9 Deleted Scenes That Totally Change How You View Famous Characters

Yoda's a lot more devious than you thought.

Updated 21 Aug 2015 Alex Leadbeater

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20 Essential Albums Every Country Music Fan Should Own

There are two types of people: those who readily admit that they enjoy country music and liars.

21 Aug 2015 Lewis Howse

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Game Of Thrones: 10 Leaked Season 6 Set Photos (And What They Mean)

The night is dark and full of spoilers...

21 Aug 2015 Brendan Morrow


10 Crazy Things Booze Does To Your Body

In vino veritas.

21 Aug 2015 Stevie Shephard

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10 Problems Only People From Sydney Will Understand

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is nothing more than just a bridge to us.

21 Aug 2015 Alexander Pan

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What Do Your Favourite Walking Dead Characters Look Like In The Comics?

One's lost a hand. One's lost a head. One's got a mullet. But which is worse?

21 Aug 2015 Michael Potts

film Warner Bros.

George Miller To Direct Man Of Steel 2?

The Mad Max: Fury Road helmer gets his hands on Superman?

21 Aug 2015 Daniel Kelly

gaming Rockstar

GTA V: Rockstar Editor Gives You A Massive Reason To Revisit San Andreas

Previously PC-only video suite coming to PS4 and Xbox One.

21 Aug 2015 Scott Tailford

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10 Essential Robert De Niro Performances

Yes, we are talking to you.

21 Aug 2015 Taylor Burns

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Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 Beta - 12 Things You Need To Know

It's no game changer, but you're going to buy it anyway...

21 Aug 2015 Jack Pooley