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offbeat Creepy Audio

17 Creepiest Audio Recordings Ever Made

Terrifying 911 calls, paranormal activity and psychopathic serial killers.

15 Oct 2014Tom Butler

film wiki

10 Amazing Superhero Movies You'll Never See

Why hasn't there been a solo Black Widow film yet?

15 Oct 2014Tom Baker

offbeat Momentum Pictures

10 Creepiest Government Secrets

Trust no one. Especially not the government. Any government!

15 Oct 2014Jay Anderson

tv BBC

10 Most Cringeworthy Doctor Who Moments From The 70s

From Axos to Zeos, Doctor Who serves up more cringeworthy moments in the 1970s.

15 Oct 2014Tony Whitt

offbeat karatekid460
film Batman Superman Logo

Batman vs. Superman: Ranking The Films From Worst To Best

The battle of the capes heats up, but who's winning the cinema stakes?

15 Oct 2014Geoff Cox


10 Songs Which Gave Birth To Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal was forged by these incendiary tracks.

15 Oct 2014Christopher Jennings

gaming THQ

10 Incredibly Strange Celebrity Video Game Cameos

Is Bieber even tall enough for the NBA?

15 Oct 2014Tom Baker

offbeat Uri Spoons Nintendo

10 Weirdest Celebrity Lawsuits

With fame, money, power, and greed, lawyers are always going to be involved at some point!

15 Oct 2014Jonathan Milward

gaming Rocksteady

Batman: Arkham Knight - 10 Disturbing Villains We Want To See

It's not all the Joker anymore, but who will step up?

15 Oct 2014Sean Lunt

film Paramount Pictures

10 Greatest Crime Movies Of The 2000s

It would be criminal to ignore this list.

15 Oct 2014Michael Gordon

film Superhero Report

Star Wars 7 Concept Art Reveals Darth Vader's Return

Don't click if you don't want to know.

15 Oct 2014Tom Baker

film Warner Bros.

20 Western Movies You Must See Before You Die

"Howdy, partner."

15 Oct 2014Sam Hill

film Marvel Studios

10 Most Awesome Displays Of Power In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Superpowered characters make for superpowered moments.

15 Oct 2014K.J. Stewart

film Warner Bros.

20 Most Underrated Movies In The IMDb Top 250

More love needed.

15 Oct 2014Sam Hill

wwe Pro Wrestling Wiki

12 Bizarre Pieces Of Trivia About WWE Action Figures

Life in plastic, it's fantastic... and intriguing at times, too.

15 Oct 2014David Oxford

tv FOX

10 Best TV Shows Of Fall 2014

Best new TV shows you should be watching.

15 Oct 2014Audrey Fox

film 20th Century Fox

15 Terrible Recent Movies Destined To Become Cult Classics

This is how you defend liking Let's Be Cops to your friends.

14 Oct 2014Jack Pooley

tv Fox

The Simpsons/Futurama Crossover: 10 Things We Want To See

Bite my shiny metal shorts!

14 Oct 2014Jay Anderson

film LucasArts

Star Wars: 30 Breathtaking Behind-The-Scenes Photos

Amazing photos from the classic sci-fi series you need to see.

14 Oct 2014Tom Butler