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music Nick Ansell/PA Archive/Press Association Images

10 Most Overblown Stage Productions In Music Today

There's 'putting on a show', and then there's these guys...

17 Jul 2014Mark Riley

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Louis van Gaal Man Utd Press Conference - 5 Things We Learned

No more signings until September, and four more things we learned from Louis van Gaal's first Manchester United press conference.

17 Jul 2014Joseph Dempsey

film DreamWorks Studios

10 Movie Characters Who Died Happy

Sometimes film characters do get to rest in peace...

17 Jul 2014Tom Beasley

film Angry Birds Movie

10 Upcoming Video Game Movies That Absolutely Nobody Asked For

Plenty of games would make great movies - but Hollywood has other plans.

17 Jul 2014Michael Irving

gaming Konami

FIFA 15: 10 Lessons It Must Learn From Classic PES

How EA Sports can use Konami's best classic features to beat them more.

17 Jul 2014Luke Karlik


The Simpsons: 20 Awesome Easter Eggs And References

Springfield is littered with Easter Eggs, references and hidden gems.

16 Jul 2014Sam Heard

comics Image Comics

10 Indie Comics That Deserve Your Attention

With so much coming out these days, it would be a crime to miss the little guys.

16 Jul 2014Matt Lune

film Fightclubegg1

25 DVD Easter Eggs You Need To See Before You Die

Twice as delicious as their namesakes, and not as fattening.

16 Jul 2014Tom Baker

sport Joe Giddens/EMPICS Sport

10 Biggest World Cup 2014 Flops

They dream all their lives about playing at the World Cup... and then spend the rest of it reliving the nightmares.

16 Jul 2014Michael Ramsay

gaming Hitman Contracts

Hitman's 10 Most Satisfying Assassinations

We all know assassination is morally wrong - but sometimes it just feels so darn right!

16 Jul 2014Alex Sutton

film Star Film Company

10 Landmark Movies That Were The First Of Their Kind

Think you know your movie history? Think again.

16 Jul 2014Dustin Koski

offbeat Twitter: @SirPatStew

24 Most Delightful Moments Of Ian McKellen And Patrick Stewart's Bromance

Warning - this article will make you cry happy tears.

16 Jul 2014Nina Cresswell

film Aliens Xenomorph

10 Reasons Prometheus 2 Should Be Scrapped For Alien 5

Hey Ridley, give the fans what they really want.

16 Jul 2014Jack Pooley


10 Indisputable Reasons Why Vince McMahon Is Not A Genius

From embarrassing ideas, to failed projects, to mismanaging major storylines; Vince simply gets it wrong too many times.

16 Jul 2014Andrew Soucek

gaming CEGamers

10 Reasons Video Games Are The Hardest Thing To Write

J. J. Abrams doesn't know he's born.

16 Jul 2014Chris Allcock

comics Marvel

10 Terrible Mistakes That Almost Ruined The Avengers For Everyone

Man, maybe they should just disassemble...

16 Jul 2014Tom Baker


10 Subtly Sexy Moments In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

We've somehow managed to limit this list to one Black Widow entry!

16 Jul 2014Kev Stewart