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gaming Monolith

10 Terrifying Unkillable Video Game Enemies

All you can do is run like hell.

14 Oct 2014Tom Baker

gaming Bethesda

Fallout 4: 10 Essential Features It Must Have

"Hype. Hype never changes."

14 Oct 2014Scott Tailford

tv Fox

10 Craziest Fan Theories About The Simpsons

But who really, really shot Mr. Burns?

14 Oct 2014Chris Smith

film Marvel Studios

Marvel Civil War: 10 Things You Need To Know

One: nobody will be wearing funny hats.

14 Oct 2014Tom Baker

film Marvel Studios

Robert Downey Jr Signs On For Captain America 3

Iron Man's presence could kick off Civil War storyline.

14 Oct 2014Tom Baker

film Avengers 3

Avengers 3: 10 Rumours That Are Already Surfacing

Age of Ultron isn't out yet, but rumours about the sequel persist.

14 Oct 2014K.J. Stewart

gaming EA Sports

FIFA 15: 9 Tips To Play Like A God

It's time for you to settle the score with your mates.

14 Oct 2014Scott Saunders


10 Pro Wrestlers Accused Of Heinous Crimes

Guilty or innocent? In some cases it's hard to say...

14 Oct 2014Scott Fried

tv AMC

The Walking Dead 5.1 Review - 5 Talking Points From "No Sanctuary"

The most explosive moments from the fifth season's premiere episode.

14 Oct 2014Brad Hamilton

gaming 2K Games

12 Big-Budget Video Games That Launched Completely Broken

Patching games to playable standard post-release is becoming a disturbing trend.

13 Oct 2014Scott Tailford

film Christian Bale Axe

10 Most Convincing Movie Psychopath Performances

We're all familiar with Michael Myers, but who convinced us most in their psychopath roles?

13 Oct 2014Ryan Hill

film Warner Brothers

Batman Vs Superman: 15 Questions Fans Still Have

There are still unanswered questions about this exciting DC/Warner Brothers project.

13 Oct 2014K.J. Stewart

film MGM

12 Movies That Were Ruined By One Dumb Decision

It could have gone so well.

13 Oct 2014Alex Leadbeater

tv Fox

10 TV Shows That Came Back From Cancellation

Some of your favourites nearly didn't make it.

13 Oct 2014Jonathan Milward

books Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

10 Classic Children's Books That Are Actually Racist

Timeless stories of childhood innocence and inconceivably racist stereotypes.

13 Oct 2014Mark Allen

film Screen Shot 2014 10 13 At 12 19 40

20 Terrible Film Lines That Had No Right Being Memorable

Everyone knows 'em...but they really shouldn't.

13 Oct 2014Gaz Lloyd

tv BBC

Doctor Who Review: Mummy On The Orient Express - 10 Ways To Read The Cards

This series is like sitting in front of a fortune teller’s deck.

13 Oct 2014Mary Ogle

film i saw the devil

13 Most Violent Foreign Films Since 2000

Where lies the boundary between art and depravity?

13 Oct 2014Ryan Hill

offbeat Columbia Pictures

10 Incredibly Clever Casino Scams That Actually Worked

Creative methods that managed to shift the odds in the scammers' favour.

13 Oct 2014Tom Butler