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10 Absolute Worst Ways To Die According To Science

The very worst ways to make an exit, ranked.

6 Feb 2016 Stevie Shephard

Warner Bros.

US Experts In Favour Of "Three-Parent" Babies

The only catch is they've all got to be boys...

6 Feb 2016 Stevie Shephard


10 Deadly Things People Used To Think Were Harmless

Brought to you by Vita's Radioactive Suppositories.

5 Feb 2016 Peter Austin


9 Seriously Bizarre "Future Predictions" From The 1900s

Candy made from underwear, anyone?

5 Feb 2016 Stevie Shephard


Zika Virus: 6 Things You Need To Know

WHO is calling it a "Global health emergency".

4 Feb 2016 Stevie Shephard


8 Things That Would Happen If We Made Alien Contact

It could happen at any time, but are we ready?

3 Feb 2016 Stevie Shephard


Scientists Given Go Ahead To Genetically Modify Human Embryos

"A victory for level-headed regulation over moral panic."

2 Feb 2016 Daniel Youde

Buena Vista Pictures

8 Totally Batsh*t Things People Actually Believe

Tinfoil hats at the ready, chaps.

2 Feb 2016 Stevie Shephard

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8 Ways Evolution Has Made You Terrified Of Everything

Damn, existence, you scary!

28 Jan 2016 Stevie Shephard

WhatCulture / Disney

7 Happy Movie Endings That Are Totally Ruined By Science

Childhood officially ruined.

28 Jan 2016 Stevie Shephard

New Line Cinema

9 Psychological Effects You Can Turn To Your Advantage

Get favours, win arguments and make friends.

27 Jan 2016 Stevie Shephard


7 'Old Wives Tales' That Are Actually True

Mother knows best.

25 Jan 2016 Stevie Shephard


9 Deep Sea Creatures That Are Definitely Aliens

Something just touched my leg... SOMETHING JUST TOUCHED MY LEG.

25 Jan 2016 Calum Kirk

Warner Bros.

7 Ways Humans Might Evolve In The Future

Welcome to your hairless, tiny-headed future...

22 Jan 2016 Stevie Shephard

Youtube/Molly Reass

8 Sinister Real-Life Methods Of Mind Control

Losing your mind, in a slightly more literal sense.

22 Jan 2016 Stevie Shephard

10 Scientific Answers To Your Most Embarrassing Questions

Everything you've ever wanted to know... and some stuff you definitely didn't.

21 Jan 2016 Stevie Shephard


Scientists Discover "Best Evidence Yet" For Existence Of Ninth Planet

Could we soon be welcoming Planet X into the family?

21 Jan 2016 Stevie Shephard


10 Genius Kickstarter Projects That You Should Get Behind In 2016

There's a difference between WANT and NEED. One of them is more exciting.

21 Jan 2016 Stevie Shephard


9 "What Ifs..." That Would Change Everything

In a parallel universe, the dinosaur queen rules.

20 Jan 2016 Stevie Shephard


7 Really Complicated Things You Do Without Thinking

1+1=2, how complicated can that be?

16 Jan 2016 Stevie Shephard