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12 Hacks For A Mind-Blowing Sex Life

Let's get it on...

4 Aug 2015 Stevie Shephard


The Creepy Truth Behind 10 Urban Myths

There's no smoke without a fire.

4 Aug 2015 Stevie Shephard

20th Century Fox

10 Real-Life Gadgets That Will Make You In To A Proper Spy

This message will self-destruct in 10...

1 Aug 2015 Stevie Shephard

10 People Who Survived Gruesome Accidents Against All The Odds

From the lucky to the downright miraculous.

31 Jul 2015 Stevie Shephard

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10 Health Crazes That Will Actually Damage Your Health

Surely that's not the point?

30 Jul 2015 Stevie Shephard

Amblin Entertainment

7 Amazing Methods We're Using To Contact Aliens

The silly and sensational things scientists are doing to get in touch with ETs...

29 Jul 2015 Robert Zak


25 Most Significant Inventions In Human History

Humanity's greatest creations...

29 Jul 2015 Alexander Podgorski

Paramount Pictures

10 Scientific Explanations For Supernatural Phenomena

What really goes bump in the night?

28 Jul 2015 Stevie Shephard


10 Times Well-Loved Scientists Were Total Jerks

Some people just can't play nice.

28 Jul 2015 Stevie Shephard

Wikimedia Commons

15 Terrifying Animals That Are Way Smaller Than You

Because God has a very twisted sense of humor...

25 Jul 2015 Alexander Podgorski


8 Reasons Why Earth 2.0 Is Super Exciting

Say hello to Kepler 452b.

24 Jul 2015 Stevie Shephard

Phil Cole/PA Archive/Touchstone Pictures

8 Things That Are Less Likely Than Discovering Aliens In 2015

(According to the bookies).

23 Jul 2015 Stevie Shephard

11 Craziest Things People Have Done In The Name Of Science

Mad scientists doing mad scientist things.

23 Jul 2015 Stevie Shephard

8 Basic Functions That Humans Totally Fail At

You'd think after 200,000 years we'd be able to give birth or poop properly, but no.

22 Jul 2015 Stevie Shephard


15 Biggest Hoaxes That Fooled The World

Don't believe the hype.

22 Jul 2015 Stevie Shephard


What Happens When We Die?

10 real-life stories from people who have died and come back to life.

21 Jul 2015 Stevie Shephard

Adam Clery

5 Sod's Law Annoyances That Have Scientific Explanations

The science of the Law of Sod.

18 Jul 2015 Stevie Shephard


9 Times The Hitchhikers’ Guide To The Galaxy Accurately Predicted The Future

Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so.

17 Jul 2015 Stevie Shephard


10 Terrifying Creatures That You’ll Be Glad Are Extinct

Here be monsters...

16 Jul 2015 Stevie Shephard