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10 Things You Do That You Didn't Know Ruin Your Life

You're probably doing, like, three of them right now.

24 Nov 2015 Stevie Shephard

12 Things Everyone "Knows" That Aren't True

I came here to drink milk and bust myths, and I'm all outta milk.

24 Nov 2015 Stevie Shephard


9 Science Approved Life Hacks To Make Everything Better

Get to know some of life's little cheat codes.

22 Nov 2015 Stevie Shephard

Wikimedia Commons

9 Unethical Psychological Experiments That Actually Happened

"Let's give this elephant a massive overdose of LSD. You know, for science."

21 Nov 2015 Peter Austin

Paramount Pictures

8 Sci-Fi Clichés That Need To Calm Down

A fully functional human-like vagina on an alien? What luck!

21 Nov 2015 Stevie Shephard


6 Stargazing Sights You Have To See

No fancy equipment needed!

20 Nov 2015 Sam Attwood


7 Awesome Animals Hunted To Extinction

Humans: Rocking up and ruining everything for the last 15,000 years.

19 Nov 2015 Stevie Shephard

20th Century Fox

7 Science Buzzwords Nobody Really Understands

Admit it, you don't actually know what a "theory" is...

18 Nov 2015 Stevie Shephard


8 More Science Facts To Make You Sound Clever At Parties

Ain't nothin' wrong with faking it til you make it.

14 Nov 2015 Stevie Shephard


This Is What Extraterrestrial Life Would Look Like

Take a look at the daily lives of aliens.

13 Nov 2015 Stevie Shephard


8 Bizarre Psychological Disorders Affecting Modern Man

We might have wiped out smallpox but much stranger things are taking its place.

13 Nov 2015 Peter Austin

8 Mind-Blowing Bits Of Sci-Fi Tech That You Will Live To See

The future will be here quicker than you thought.

12 Nov 2015 Stevie Shephard


12 Ways Mother Nature Will F**K You Up

You're probably better off just staying inside today.

12 Nov 2015 Stevie Shephard

DC Comics

9 Extraordinary Superpowers That Literally Everybody Has

It's a kinda magic...

11 Nov 2015 Stevie Shephard


5 Ways To Live Forever (And 7 Reasons It Would Suck)

So you wanna live forever, huh?

10 Nov 2015 Stevie Shephard

Marvel Comics

8 Crazy Cool Human Genetic Mutations

You could be a mutant, and not even know it.

7 Nov 2015 Stevie Shephard


9 Reasons Why Vaccination Is Definitely A Thing You Should Do

Because of course it is.

6 Nov 2015 Stevie Shephard

8 Paradoxes Guaranteed To Melt Your Mind

In which we put cats in hypothetical boxes and solve the Grandfather Paradox.

5 Nov 2015 Stevie Shephard


9 Dinosaurs That Were Hilariously Dorky

Get ready to meet the "you" of the dinosaur world.

3 Nov 2015 Stevie Shephard


9 Most Disturbing Facts About Drugs

Brains are weird, and they get significantly weirder when you put drugs in them.

3 Nov 2015 Stevie Shephard