10 Scientific Answers To Your Most Embarrassing Questions

1. What Is Squirting?

Fun Fact: Female ejaculation is banned from all UK porn.

Whilst there is a fair amount of confusion as to why this particular act was banned, with many people viewing it as an attack on female pleasure, the official reason for the ban is all to do with what "squirting" actually is.

It's peeing, guys. Peeing.

"Water sports" (the act of urinating on one another for sexual gratification) are also banned from British porn, and squirting falls well within this category.

There has been much debate as to what is actually happening when some women release a torrent of fluid at the point of climax, so some plucky scientists took it upon themselves to investigate this mysterious substance and set up a sexy, sexy experiment.

Women were asked to provide a urine sample and then completely empty their bladders before chasing that orgasm. A pelvic scan confirmed that the bladder was indeed empty at the beginning of the experiment.

A second scan was then performed just before the point of orgasm (because there are no two words in the English language sexier than "pelvic scan") and, hey presto, the bladder was magically full once more. At the moment of climax, the squirted liquid was collected and the pelvis scanned again. The bladder was once more bare and the liquid was found to be, you guessed it, pee.

The thing is, there is actually a much closer female equivalent to ejaculate, a milky white fluid produced by the Skene glands. Seeing as this doesn't seem to fall under the "watersports" bracket, then it's probably still allowed in porn.

That said, it's a bit less exciting that the urinal pyrotechnics of talented squirters, so it may not catch on.

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