12 Dangerous Things Anti-Vaxxers Believe That Are Actually Child Abuse

Science is hard, parenting is hard, but that's no excuse for bleach enemas.


Nobody ever said parenting was easy. The total dependence of tiny humans whose main functions are to leak out bodily fluids, emit ear-shattering noise and enter you into a state of sleep deprivation so hideous, it should be considered a war crime – is not something to be taken lightly. Parenting is hard and it doesn’t come with an instruction manual (apart from, you know, all the baby books available on the market).

There are definitely some out there who need to read those instruction manuals. Since the dawn of humanity, people have been raising children and generally listening to that little voice inside their heads that says “For f*cks sake Janice, don’t feed the baby whiskey. That’s a no-no drink”. Well, most people. And then there are anti-vaxxers, and that's a whole other kettle of crazy.

We all know of anti-vaxxers, the overly confident, egotistical group of contagions who are under the illusion a science degree has fallen out of them along with their children, and think it gives them carte blanche to not only harass others on social media, but actively harm their kids.

They say dumb sh*t, they believe dumb sh*t and in regards to autistic children and healthcare – they do dumb sh*t.

And all of it is child abuse. All of it.

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