21 Science Facts You Won't Believe Are True

2. Da Vinci's Random Doodles Show He Discovered The Laws Of Friction 200 Years Early

Da Vinci Friction
Wikipedia/Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Da Vinci did a lot of scribbling, and the fact that he wrote everything in mirror writing makes it even harder to decipher, so perhaps scientists can be forgiven for missing the fact that Leonardo had discovered some important fundamental laws 200 years before the French scientist, Guillaume Amontons, who was originally credited with the discovery.

The little sketches showing an experiment with weights and pulleys is tucked away in the corner of a page of notes and was dismissed as "irrelevant scribblings" alongside a random doodle of an old woman with the caption "mortal beauty passes and does not last".

1. We’ve Put A Worm’s Mind In A Lego Robot's Body

As far as we can figure out, the brain is just made up of a bunch of electrical signals. The signals in the humans brain are still a little too complicated for scientists to replicate, but a worm on the other hand, that works.

The OpenWorm project has mapped the connections between 302 worm neurons and translated them into software. The software has since been uploaded into a simple Lego robot, and now it's rolling around, thinking it's a worm. Has science gone too far, or not far enough?

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