7 Biases That Everyone Has (And How They F*ck Up Your Life)

1. Cognitive Dissonance: How It F*cks You Over

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For people like Heather Dexter - the cognitive dissonance is clear. She was able to rationalise that her approach was correct, despite the contradictory evidence her children's worsening illness was presenting.

Whether it be to preserve her belief system, protect her ego or outright because she valued being perceived as right over the safety of her children - who knows, but the point is clear, cognitive dissonance is a dangerous mindf*ck. Our brains are more prone to faulty thinking than we realise.

Any one of these forms of faulty thinking we've discussed can lead to a bad outcome, but put them all together and you have a dangerous combination of emotional response, false pattern recognition, ego protection, a need to be correct and an inability to see when you're wrong. When we base our decisions on our bias or faulty thinking, we end up with people who keep their children sick or movements that lie about preventative medicine that protects against deadly diseases.

Or throwing up in letter-boxes the morning after.

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