7 Biases That Everyone Has (And How They F*ck Up Your Life)

13. Affect Heuristic: How It F*cks You Over:

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Anti-vaxxers such as Heather have issues with vaccines – that much is clear. Conspiracy theories and lies have fuelled her negative feelings, largely due to her “training” in the field a naturopathy - the alternative medicine version of “throw sh*t at a wall and see what sticks” in terms of treatment. Indeed, those ideas fuelled her negativity so much so that she perceived a child getting a vaccine to be of a higher risk (of what, I do not know) with fewer benefits than contracting a deadly disease.

And the mind-f*ckery doesn’t stop there. The anti-vaccine movement actually see getting preventable diseases as a positive thing, therefore the risks associated with mumps, measles, rubella, whooping cough or chicken pox is much lower and the perceived benefits much higher than getting a vaccination.

Suffice to say, a choice made from emotion and fuelled by incorrect information is a choice you shouldn’t be making. Did Heather re-evaluate her choices once her children’s illness became worse? Don’t be silly, that would be smart or something.

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