7 Hilariously Batsh*t Things David "Avocado" Wolfe Believes

1. A Wolfe In Sheep's Clothing


There’s no doubt that David Wolfe is dangerous. He builds up the trust of his followers, he throws them a nice meme or two before hitting people with a conspiracy theory against doctors or medicine in order to sell you his products. And he not even being subtle with about it. He seems like a guy who makes stuff up, just to see if he can get some poor schmuck to believe it.

David Wolfe’s name is apt because he is a predator. He seems like a nice guy, he does nice things, acts charming, listens to your concerns and offers advice. Then when you’re hooked and he earns your trust, you find out the only reason he paid any attention to you in the first place was to screw you over, only to leave you bone dry and feeling like it was all your fault.

I can only hope that David Wolfe takes SciBabe’s advice and takes a flying leap (Literally) but we all know that isn’t going to happen any time soon. I haven’t even scratched the surface. Earthing blankets, earthing sheets, a $400 kettle, the Cellercise machine (Translation: A trampoline that exercises your cells), “Food For the Immortals Longevity Drops” and not enough wine in the world for me keep wading through the swamp that is his many websites, I am done for now. I'll let SciBabe take over from here.

Until next time.

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