7 Science Facts That Ruin Your Favourite Movies (But 2 That Make It All Better)

1. Star Trek: Microsoft Are Working On A Holodeck

RoomAlive Microsoft Holodeck 2014 10 06 01

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are increasingly becoming more and more of a, well, a reality. By and large, however, they require the user to wear a bulky headset and run the risk of bouncing off their own walls in an attempt to beat their PB on Rainbow Road, so what we really want is the VR/AR experience without the headgear.

Luckily, Microsoft are coming to the rescue with RoomAlive - thier proof-of-concept prototype that transforms any room into a scalable, immersive augmented reality via hologram and projection technology. It's a holodeck, guys, a holodeck.

As well as being able to use the technology to take yourself to your personal gaming Valhalla, a study by Microsoft Research has also shown that it improves communications, and researchers found that people communicating via augmented reality (i.e. with their life-size image beamed into the room) were able to solve puzzles together in almost half the time that it took over Skype.

Alternatively, if you rather like the Geordi La Forge look, you could have a go at the HoloLens instead.

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