7 Ways 'The Food Babe' Spectacularly Fails To Grasp Science

2. She's A Woo Merchant In Disguise

Psychic Crystal Ball

Hari often tends to stick to scary sounding chemical names and broad statements about how sometimes the same ingredient can be used in different products (shocker). Fine, whatever, this might be a misunderstanding of science, but at least it’s not crystal healing, right?

There are, however, little glimpses of woo-tendencies here and there that, whilst no more or less incorrect than some of her other “science based” claims, demonstrate that she is not coming from a scientific standpoint.

The now infamous and since deleted (but still readable, because the internet is a wonderful, scary place) blog post regarding the dangers of microwaves, she references the work by Masaru Emoto, who believes that water can respond to human emotion, and that words like “satan” and “hitler” can upset it (because, as we all know, water is very well read in the fields of Christian theology and 20th century conflicts). No, really. She states that the microwave has the same effect on on our food.

So, even if you do swallow the half-baked claptrap about GMOs and the azodicarbonamide/yoga mat technobabble, anybody with a scrap of science in their system will know this is the equivalent of saying "There's an evil wizard in your microwave".

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