8 Biggest, Weirdest Mysteries In Space

1. What's So Special About The Earth?

Moon And Earth earthrise

It seems glib, and very anthropocentric, but the Earth is genuinely one of the weirdest things about the universe, because it's the only one of its kind that we know of.

Distant stars, Kuiper Cliffs and dark matter are all very well, but the fact that no other corner of the universe has appeared to sprout even on, solitary bacteria so far, let alone a whole blossoming ecosystem, is very strange indeed.

What's more, part of the ecosystem has become aware enough of the vast universe that surrounds it, to ask questions like "What is causing the Kuiper Cliff?" and "Why is this space robot that we built moving slightly off-course?". That's really not bad going for something that began life as a string of amino acids in a primordial soup.

Where does life come from? How does it start? Most importantly, why does it only seem to be here - what makes us so special?

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