8 Movie Plots That Could Have Been Resolved By Science In Minutes

7. Check The Blood - Contagion

Contagion Matt Damon
Warner Bros. Pictures

Passing over, for a second, the unlikely notion of two viruses combining in a single organism and immediately becoming transmissible to humans, the scientists in Contagion appear to overlook one crucial lead that could result in a cure for one of the deadliest epidemics in human history.

Matt Damon is immune to the disease.

Matt Damon. Is immune. To the disease.

Did nobody think to get the apparently immune husband to Patient Zero into the lab for a once-over?

If he was producing antibodies to fight off the contagion, this could have helped in the swift production of a vaccine. If he was somehow genetically immune to the disease, perhaps in a similar way to those with the genes for sickle cell anaemia are resistant to malaria, then they would have a much better understanding of exactly how the disease infects its host.

Maybe it would have turned out to be a false lead. Perhaps Damon's character, Mitch Emhoff, was just an asymptomatic carrier, but it would probably be worth taking a quick look. You know, just in case it saves millions of lives.

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