8 Movie Plots That Could Have Been Resolved By Science In Minutes

2. Take The High Ground - San Andreas

San andreas
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Far be it from me to criticise anything Dwayne The Rock Johnson does, for the man is a god amongst men, but perhaps we could science it a little.

The mega-super-whizzo-earthquakes that rippled up and down the San Andreas fault would have been truly terrifying, so how do we science our way out of that one?

Well, a major destructive force is the towering tsunami, so, ignoring for a second that an earthquake with its epicentre on land would not produce a tsunami, how do you survive something like that?

Luckily for the inhabitants of San Fran, tsunamis come with their own early warning system known as drawback - something that Dwayne The Rock Johnson expertly recognises in his infinite wisdom - whereby the ocean will appear to recede impossibly far and fast. This could give up to 10 minutes warning for the incoming wall of water.

Except, a tsunami is generally not a wall of water, but an insistent influx of fast moving flood water like a high tide on steroids. This would mean that you could use your 10 minutes to get to the upper floors of a tall (ish) building, or even to the Twin Peaks area of San Francisco.

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