8 Real Places You Won't Believe Aren't Science Fiction

8. Gardens By The Bay

This is a nature park in Singapore, but you could be excused for mistaking it for some kind of futuristic Pandora-type world.

The Gardens by the Bay were built as part of the effort to turn the already leafy Singapore from a "garden city" to a "city in a garden". This kind of forward-thinking has resulted in a breathtaking futurescape of tree-plant hybrids that would look at home in a Disney movie.

The different zones even have suitably sci-fi names like the Cloud Forest - featuring the worlds tallest indoor waterfall, cascading fron the side of an artificial mountain - and the Supertree Grove - featuring skyscraper trees covered in lush vegetation and containing a restaurant.

Were this sci-fi, the Gardens by the Bay would be one of the luxury districts, perhaps full of middle-class hippy dippy types, blissfully unaware of the underclasses slumming it in districts with names like the Pits by the Esturary and the Shacks by the Morotway.

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