8 Real Places You Won't Believe Aren't Science Fiction

1. Six Flags New Orleans

The Six Flags theme park in New Orleans was abandoned back in 2005 after getting an unexpected hose-down from Hurricane Katrina.

It has since been left to rot and decay, transforming it into something straight out of Borderlands and making it the perfect setting for some kind of grim, post-apocalyptic future.

The mix of gaudy thoroughfares littered with detritus and decay and downright creepy grafitti is enough to give the average urban explorer wet dreams for a month. It's also a great place to get murdered by a marauding gang of Mad Max wannabes (probably).

The devastation was so disastrously expensive for the park owners that they basically washed their hands of it and the park has remained untouched and undeveloped since Katrina hit.

The future of the site is still uncertain but, in true American style, it looks like they're probably going to turn it into a mall. How wonderfully dystopian.

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