9 Science Facts That Will Ruin Your Day

1. It Might Be Too Late To Reverse Climate Change


We often hear politicians talking about "action on climate change", and most of us spend a bit of time sorting out glass and plastic out in the hope that we won't leave our children with a burnt out hellscape of a planet.

Well, the time might have come to move to Scandinavia, because many experts now agree that our Earth ship might have sailed.

Whilst people have been bickering about just how much their 4x4 has contributed to climate change, the ice caps have reached the point of no return. As these ice caps also act a refrigerators for the rest of the planet, their disappearance will kick off an even greater runaway warming effect.

China is now the planet's biggest producers of greenhouse gases, and their political system demands constant growth which, in turn, demands the burning of fossil fuels. Simply overhauling China's economy to make it greener will take more time than we have.

This doesn't mean that we should stop trying to reduce greenhouse gas emissions but, at this point, it might make the difference between drinking recycled pee, and the decimation of the human race.

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