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10 Badass Superpowers Everybody Has

Every day your body fights cancer - and tastes your pee.
By WhatCulture

10 Scientific Answers To Your Most Embarrassing Questions

Everything you've ever wanted to know... and some stuff you definitely didn't.
By Stevie Shephard

8 Tricky "Would You Rathers...?" Answered By Science

Just in case you ever get the choice between childbirth and ball-kicking.
By Stevie Shephard
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9 Most Shocking Experiments In Human History

Who wouldn't want a human chimp hybrid?
By Andrew Chapman
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7 People Who Claimed To Be Time Travelers

Well, maybe.
By David Cambridge

10 Theories Why We Haven't Discovered Aliens Yet

Probably set our expectations for this dog a bit too high, to be fair.
By Jacob Head
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7 'Cures' For Baldness You Won't Believe

Can I have a sachet of shampoo with those French fries?
By Benjamin Richardson
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8 Things That Don't Look Anything Like They Do In Movies

By Stevie Shephard

7 Most Bizarre Underwater Discoveries Nobody Can Explain

These mysteries run deep.
By Mark Langshaw
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5 Doomsday Predictions We Can Look Forward To (And 3 In The Distant Future)

Asteroids, super volcanoes, and the Antichrist... 
By Dustin Parry
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5 Insane Sci-Fi Ideas Of The Space Age

Wacky, weird, and out of this world.
By Ryan Geller
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5 Things You Should Know About Nuclear Fallout

It's really not like the game at all...
By Wesley Cunningham-Burns

8 Theories That NASA Might Be Hiding From People

Decoding mysteries of outer space!
By Debjyoti Samanta
+ Technology

5 Reasons Why The Robot Uprising Is Inevitable

Robots are already taking our jobs and soon they'll take the world.
By Joe Bayfield

7 Ancient Technologies That Used Amazingly Advanced Science

And, no, it wasn't aliens...
By Stevie Shephard