10 Badass Superpowers Everybody Has

Every day your body fights cancer - and tastes your pee.


What does it take to gain superpowers? Being bitten by a radioactive spider/turtle/chicken (or violently pecked, in the latter instance)? Emigrating from another planet and finding that the terrestrial make-up of your new gaffe gives you laser vision, the power of flight, and a peculiar predilection for wearing undergarments over your pants? Or perhaps it's the potent combination of witnessing your parents murdered to death, having oodles of cash, and an inexplicable affinity for bats?

Turns out it's none of these things. In fact, all you have to do is be yourself.

No, this isn't some mawky self-help mantra about how 'we're all superheroes on the inside.' Fact is, the vast majority of us are downright average. You can leave that triteness aside; what we mean is, we're all born with incredible innate abilities - ones we don't even realise.

Whether God-given or the result of millions of years of adaptive, scientifically-backed evolution (take your pick), the human body comes pre-loaded with a raft of special 'powers' which every day do amazing things like stop us from dying. Or even just falling over.

These are the most badass of the bunch.

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