10 Deadly Things People Used To Think Were Harmless

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BsQHSC9EC6w Ah, the 21st century; the sort of brilliant but also completely awful time in which we all live. On the one hand, we've got smart phones and Star Wars but on the other, topknots and Donald Trump. It€™s all relative. One notable area of contention in modern times is the so-called cotton wool state. €œHealth and safety gone mad!€ you€™ll hear your granddad cry every time he sees so much as a railing. To be fair, we could probably reign it in a little but there€™s still no denying that things are infinitely safer than they once were. If there€™s one thing that can be said about the 21st century, it€™s that we€™re significantly better at not inadvertently killing ourselves than we were even 50 years ago. The proof? Look no further than this list of ten deadly things that people once thought were completely harmless. #VictoriansBeCray

10. Brandy For The Baby

The 19th century old wives€™ tale goes that doting parents might be able to quieten a teething baby by rubbing brandy into its gums and, for once, the old wives might well be onto something.

Paediatricians have known for many years now that even small amounts of alcohol can cause enormous problems with babies€™ blood-sugar levels and respiration, so yes, brandy will definitely stop a baby from crying sooner or later. The issue lies in the fact that it might be never cry again.

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