10 Glorious Reasons Why Tumblr Is Better Than Twitter

9. Tumblr's More Personal...

Tumblr1...and yet it's harder to be anonymous on Twitter. Partly leading on from the first point, Tumblr allows you more room to breathe, with text posts. And this allows for you to say what you really want to say, rather than the tl:dr version. But the idea of Tumblr is to share your passions. You can retweet, sure, but it's not really meant for retweeting people you like, places you like, but more tweets you like. Again, this has its benefits, but Tumblr allows you to build a collage of what you enjoy. Twitter's more for what you think. And yet, it's easier to hide behind a URL on Tumblr. Twitter users follow people because of who they are, whether they're friends, celebrities, news accounts of joke accounts. On Tumblr, you don't encouraged to say who you are, but just to share what you love.

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