11 Wildly Inaccurate Movie Science Tropes

Never let the facts ruin a good story.


Yeah yeah, we get it, movies are supposed to be an entertaining bit of escapism. If they were exactly like real life then what would be the point in going to see them?

All very valid, but it doesn't mean that we're not allowed to be equal parts smug and outraged at the travesty that is scientific accuracy in Hollywood.

There are some things that we can reasonably suspend disbelief for, but when sci-fi directors start firing nuclear weapons into the sun to "restart" it (looking at you, Sunshine) it becomes perfectly reasonable to start throwing handfuls of popcorn at the screen.

Whilst it's obviously unfair to expect filmmakers to all get PhDs in astrophysics before shooting a good old space romp, there are some tropes out there that have been so thoroughly overdone that it's beginning to look a bit like laziness. If we have to sit through one more dramatic climax that involves just nuking the baddies, regardless of the proximity to an innocent population, then we might start throwing things heavier than popcorn.

Everybody knows by now that that spaceships don't go "whoosh", silencers don't actually silence, and neutrinos most certainly don't mutate, but try telling that to a director with a "vision".


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