20 Amazing Science Tattoos That Will Make You Want To Get Inked

Ink that makes you think.

bicemsinik tattoo
B I C E M • S I N I K

Some people love science, and some people love tattoos, but when the two come together then some ink magic starts to happen.

Getting a science tatt can be a great way to either declare your love of all things science to the world, or alternatively, to communicate with other science nerds in the vicinity in a secret tattoo code.

As well as being able to declare your nerd status on your skin, it also just so happens that a lot of science-related images make for some truly awesome tattoos. Whether its a technical illustration from a vintage textbook, an elegant equation that unlocks the secrets of the universe, or even just a cute picture of an astronaut, science lends itself well to being inked.

Whether you're look for ideas for your next piece, or just really appreciate tattoos for the artform, here are some particularly pretty, cool and, frankly, nerdy examples of the best science ink out there.

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