25 Things That Will Change Everything In The Next Century

Your life is going to change beyond all recognition.

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If you hopped into a time machine and went back 100 years, you€™d find a world in the midst of the First World War, with one foot still in the Victorian era and one in the coming 20th Century.

Einstein had just predicted gravity waves in 1916, a prediction that wouldn€™t come to fruition until exactly 100 years later in 2016.

Considering how much has changed in the 100 years since then, and given that the rate of progress seems to accelerate exponentially, the world of 2116 may be just as unrecognisable to us as today would be for someone from the early 20th century.

By then we may well be living in a world of transhumanism and routine space travel. Our €œpatch€ might extend beyond our planet and into solar system, and we may well have taken our first proper big boy steps into becoming a space-faring species. What€™s more, thanks to advances in science and medicine, you might even be there to see it.

But we€™re getting ahead of ourselves. That could be the shape of things in a century€™s time, but it€™s the journey there that makes it interesting.

What could happen in the intervening years and decades between now and the 22nd century to change the world so dramatically?

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