7 Body Mods That Everybody Might Soon Have

Cybermen might soon be the rule, not the exception.

Doctor who nightmare in silver

At the moment, we generally view the world of body modification, implantable tech and cybernetic enhancement as a bit of a fringe trend. It tends to be the preserve of science fiction or biohackers, whose hobbies include putting magnets under their skin without the aid of anaesthetics.

Either way, it's not exactly mainstream.

However, many experts are now predicting a future in which we not only upgrade our smartphones, but our bodies too. Wearables are the first step in this, getting us used to the idea that we can integrate technology into ourselves, and that we can use our own bodies as devices.

It's not all about sticking chips in your brain though. There are some emerging technologies that allow us to hack into our bodies' natural systems and take control. This tinkering would allow us to speed healing, reverse damage and even change the way we age.

Whilst this seems pretty sci-fi now, these are the kinds of things that could begin to permeate society. It could change the way we treat diseases and even affect matters of national security. One day, having your ID chip implanted into your arm could feel as normal as buying a new Fitbit.

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