8 Crazy Futuristic Science Experiments Happening Right Now

One step at a time, science fiction is becoming science fact.

Google Smart Contact

If you keep even half an eye on the latest scientific and technological advances, it might not have escaped your attention that we are legit living in the future.

Little over a decade ago, your smartphone would have blown the most hardened technophile's mind, and yet they're already becoming old hat in the early-adopter circles as technology is woven ever more seamlessly into our lives. Medicine has also been given a distinctly futuristic facelift with lab-grown organs and smart drugs.

Space travel at the turn of the century retained an almost vintage feel, with many shuttles and satellites carrying technology that is already old on launch. However, the last few years have seen an explosion in private companies revolutionizing the way with think about space exploration, with reusable rockets and serious, grown up conversations about Mars missions.

The march of progress continues on and there are many scientists in many labs working on projects that sound more like science fiction than science fact.

From planet-cloaking devices to implantable tech to writing the source code of life itself, either the scientists have been reading a bit too much Arthur C. Clarke, or we're about to enter a future of our childhood dreams.

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