8 Most Casually Badass Things The Human Race Has Ever Done

No biggie.


Not to sound arrogant or anything, but there's nothing quite like a human. 

Once it had become apparent that standing on our hind legs and wearing clothes marked us out as the weirdos of the animal kingdom, rather than wind our necks in and try to fit in, we spent the next few hundred thousand years changing the natural world to fit in with us.

Sure, individually, humans may be a bunch of channel-surfing, Wotsit-eating layabouts, but when we put our heads together, we can make truly incredible (and totally awesome) things happen.

We're not talking about Jack Bauer/James Bond/Batman badassery, with its all its running around, punching baddies and speaking in husky voices. Marvellous as that all is, that's nothing compared to the magnitude of the human race's badassery. 

No, we're talking about the all the times that the human race has just casually changed the face of life on Earth to suit its needs.

Hey, not everything we've done has been sunshine and rainbows, far from it. There have been a fair few times when we've behaved like grade A asshats, but there's no reason why the bad should take away from the good and there's definitely no reason why either of them should take away from the badass.

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