8 Robots That Will Put You Out Of A Job

They took our jobs!

I robot Will Smith
20th Century Fox

Humans, on the whole, make bad workers.

They're always demanding things like "lunch breaks" and "wages" and would, frankly, rather spend their time looking at cat pictures than crunching the numbers for the quarterly report. There's a pretty decent chance that you're reading this instead of knuckling down so, ask yourself, would a robot do your job better?

You don't have to pay robots, you don't have to worry about them getting bored, or demoralised, and you don't have to worry about them making mistakes because they're currently slumped at their desk nursing the hangover from hell. It is for this reason that robots are beginning to creep into our places of work and putting us all out of a job.

Don't assume you're safe if you have a creative or unusual job either, it's not just the factory workers and secretaries that need to watch out. Developments in software has enabled artificial intelligence to begin to think more like a human. Robots and computers are now capable of diagnosing our diseases, caring for our kids and (gulp) writing stupid articles on the internet - all without pulling sickies and taking two weeks out to watch the Euros.

So, whatever your job, don’t get complacent buddy.

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