9 Biohacks That Are Turning Humans Into Cyborgs

Meet the Grinders who are turning themselves into robots.

The future is bright, the future is cybernetic. It's often said that the latest tech-obsessed generation would probably have to be surgically removed from their smartphones. Whilst this is hopefully metaphorical (unless something has gone very wrong for you), there are people out there who are shifting humanity ever closer to a cyborg reality. On the one hand, you have the Grinders, a group of amateur enthusiasts who use experimental implants to cybernetically enhance their bodies and their senses. Then there are also the scientists and researchers working at the cutting edge of human enhancement in both medical and military fields. This all sounds very sci-fi (because it is) but, as we're already living in a world of cochlear implants and wearable technology, it might not be long before your personal tech is literally under your skin.

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