9 Reasons We Should Go Back To The Moon

Every kid wants to be an astronaut after all.

Apollo 11 Lunar Footprint Moon Landings

We live in exciting times, with probes snapping pictures of distant dwarf planets, rovers finding water on the red planet, and delicate instruments picking up evidence of black holes and gravity waves far of in deep space.

With all of this science fiction action going on around us, the Apollo moon missions can have a tendency to look a bit... vintage by comparison. We take the moon for granted now, and the idea of going back and visiting it now that we've got flashier, Mars shaped friends feels a bit old school.

This is unfortunate, as there are some huge arguments to be made for returning to our nearest neighbour.

Some of these revolve around the central tenant of "Well, why not?", in the spirit of scientific endeavour and space exploration. These wide eyed ideas might be a bit optimistic for some people's tastes, but there are also some serious, practical benefits to revisiting the lunar surface.

Not only would we be able to gain a much better understanding of the moon, the Earth and even the rest of the solar system, we might also be able to use it as a jumping off point in our journey towards becoming a spacefaring species.

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