9 Science Videos That Will Make You Question Everything

9. You Are Two - CGP Grey

It's mind boggling enough to get your head around the idea that your entire experience of the world is contained in a quivering mass of neurons that can't directly experience anything outside of the bone container in which it resides.

So far, so existential, but what about when you take into account that your brain actually appears to be two brains that work together to create the illusion of a person?

Whilst it's a myth that some people are left-brained and some people are right brained, depending on how analytical or creative they are, the two brains in your head do seem to be distinct from one another. Usually, they work in perfect harmony, connected by a little bridge of neurons, but they can think independently from one another if they have to and, what's more, even have different skills and opinions.

Could this be who you're talking to in your head?

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